Frequently Asked Questions

[expand title=”What is the location of camp?”] We’re at the Greenwich Catholic School, conveniently located at 471 North Street, between Clapboard Ridge Road and Birch Lane.[/expand] [expand title=”What should my child wear?”] Please make sure your child comes dressed in athletic clothing with sneakers/cleats AND is dressed appropriately for the weather as many of our programs are outside even during the winter. For programs such as lacrosse and soccer, please bring equipment each week. NOTE: Randall’s Island is colder than Manhattan so plan accordingly.[/expand] [expand title=”Do you transport the children door-to-door?”] Yes! We will transport your child from school to the field and from the field to your front door step.[/expand] [expand title=”What is the drop-off procedure?”] Children go home on a counselor monitored bus and are handed to a parent or designated person between 5:30 – 6:15pm. Our drop-off range extends east and west from 110-50 St. Outside of this range, we may be able to transport your child for an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss options. For expediency, it may be necessary to transport children with a counselor by taxi.[/expand] [expand title=”If my child misses a day, what is the makeup policy?”] There are no make ups for missed sessions. Should your child be suspended or expelled due to inappropriate behavior, there is no refund. Corbin’s Crusaders prides itself on positive behavior, positive coaching and good sportsmanship.[/expand] [expand title=”Do you have a policy on bullying and inappropriate behavior?”] We have a strict NO-BULLYING policy including a “Bully Free Contract” that we have occasion to use. We regularly communicate with parents to address concerns as they arise.[/expand] [expand title=”Is my child going to be on the same bus every week?”] Typically yes, but there may be exceptions depending on attendance and other factors.[/expand] [expand title=”Can my child ride home on the bus with their school friends?”] Take home routes are planned according to neighborhoods and for greatest efficiency, though we are happy to accommodate these requests if possible.[/expand] [expand title=”Do you give the kids a snack and can I pack one for them?”] We give all children snack at the conclusion of each program. You are, of course, welcome to pack a snack, but please ensure it is NUT-FREE. We are a NUT-AWARE organization.[/expand] [expand title=”Do you store personal equipment for kids?”] No. Children are required to bring their own equipment each session.[/expand] [expand title=”Do you have a lost-&-found?”] Yes. Please contact us if something is left behind.[/expand] [expand title=”Who do I contact if I want to know when my child will be home?”] Contact Peter at (212) 875-8174.[/expand] [expand title=”What should I do if I want to pick up my child from the field?”] Contact Peter at (212) 875-8174.[/expand] [expand title=”If I want to form a group for my child and friends, how many kids do I need?”] Groups of at least 8 children are needed for new groups and buses.[/expand] [expand title=”What is the location of the program?”] Randall’s Island is our primary location. We are occasionally in Central Park or other NYC parks. We use gyms on the Upper East & West Sides during inclement weather.[/expand] [expand title=”If my child is going to miss a day, what should I do?”] Please contact Peter by phone or email at (212) 875-8174 or[/expand] [expand title=”Are programs co-ed?”] Yes and no. Some programs are boys only and some are girls only. Soccer, Team Sports, Fencing, Ice skating are co-ed.[/expand] [expand title=”Do you pick up at my child’s school?”] A list of participating schools is available here. We are always trying to form new groups so please contact us if your school is not listed.[/expand]