About Us

Corbin’s Crusaders started in 1996 with a director and staff dedicated to helping New York City children grow through sports. Thousands of children have come to the After School Program and the Summer Day Camp. As we continue to expand, we remain a family organization striving to help each child reach his or her potential on and off the playing field. Our program grows each year through our top-notch reputation and flourishing partnerships with New York City’s prominent independent and private schools.

As parents we understand the importance of a positive self-image and individual development in every child’s life. At Corbin’s Crusaders we use sports to enhance your child’s potential and encourage all children to develop into confident players regardless of their skill level.

Using sports, positive feedback and cooperative learning games, children begin to show the characteristics of teamwork and sportsmanship. We use our Skills, Drills and Thrills Method to help each child and team advance the next level. We breakdown a sport into one or two fundamental skills and then practice them with fun and exciting drills. Each day, there is a thrilling game situation so players can see immediate improvement, which creates confidence. We believe a strong sense of self benefits each child significantly and translates to life off the field.

See you out there!

Wendy and Peter Corbin